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Why the ladies have Shape...

The other day my friend Sean at Men's Fitness sent a few of us female Shaper's an email asking us to check out one of his blog
.....and it
really got me thinking. He thinks a lot of the girls he sees at the gym seem to dabble in weight lifting--and use the deadlifts (or dumb-bells) so sparingly and
quickly--rushing through workouts, that they are doing more wrong than right to
their bodies. Sean says girls are not getting nearly enough out of their time spent at the gym. It
made me wonder: do most guys at the gym think that the girls working out next
to them don't know what they're doing, or we're just wasting our time trying to look pretty? That stinks if so. Because that's what
we have
Shape for, to teach us
right from wrong and what routines to follow. So next time you're working out
and wondering what the guy gazing at you through the mirror is thinking, he
probably just thinks you're cute--because we have
Shape to teach us how to work out. 


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