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Why Pilates?

Your body is like a well oiled machine.  If your main gear or center gear is not working  correctly the rest of the body does not function at its best.  One of the

reasons Pilates exercise is perfect is that it works on that center gear, or powerhouse

(tummy) to initiate every movement, leaving your energized  refreshed, stronger, leaner and with better posture.  Having a strong center will immediately give you the ability to stand straighter and the strength to  complete a result oriented workout.

Pilates exercise is easy on the joints and works your body symmetrically  so you feel balanced.  After doing Pilates exercise 10 times you will FEEL the difference, after 20 times you will SEE the difference and after 30 times everyone else will see the difference. 

You can practice your pilates everyday from twenty minutes to an hour.  We always start with the 100 which warms up the heart and lungs and increases circulation.

If you are diligent... this particular exercise tightens your buttocks, inner and outer thighs.

The 100 also engages your mid-section and flattens your tummy.

Refer back to my description of that exercise on the 100 blog


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