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Why such a big deal about an overweight surgeon general??

When Dr. Regina Benjamin was sworn in earlier this week as our country’s Surgeon General, there was a lot of debate––not about her ability to do her job, but surrounding her weight. Benjamin, who refers to her job as “America’s family doctor,” is the country’s chief health educator, and some commentators suggest that her size could affect her credibility. One thing I know: she’s human! She struggles with her weight just like every other normal person. In fact, Dr. Benjamin addressed her critics on Good Morning America. “I’m just like 67 percent of Americans. I struggle with my weight, so I understand,” she said. “I want to have them help me, and I’ll help them. And we’ll work together to try to become a healthier nation.” Good for her! And then she added that “being healthy and being fit is not about a dress size. It’s about how fit you are at that moment in time.” Exactly! How do you feel? Share your thoughts with me.


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