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Why you should spend time at a spa

I just got back from Spa Magazine’s 13th Annual Fall Media Event, and I feel so refreshed—I got a mini-facial, a hand massage, and a complimentary makeup demonstration! Growing up, I’ve always been a beauty junkie, obsessively buying the newest products and makeup that come out every month, but I never ventured into the spa industry. I think this is because my mom was never a huge fan and downplayed the idea of going to a spa whenever I offered her a gift certificate for her birthday—I think it might have rubbed off on me. (She thought spending so much money for an hour treatment, like a massage or facial would be such a waste. She’s wrong however—sorry Mom!)

Unfortunately, because I did adopt the same attitude she had about spas, I didn’t have my first facial or massage until I started working at Shape two years ago. Now that I’m realizing that the benefits go way beyond clear, pretty skin and tension-less shoulders, I think going to a spa is worth every penny. (I can’t tell you how much I look forward to getting a facial now—I still don’t do it often, but more than I ever have!) Having a spa treatment done—whether it’s a gift to yourself or a birthday present from your best friend—lets you take the time out for yourself that your body, and mind, needs. You’re forced to sit back, relax, and rejuvenate so that going forward your mind is clearer and your body feels less stressed. It’s the little bit of balance we all may need to jumpstart the next month or get ready for a busy workweek.

Since working at Shape, I’ve been to many spas and have learned a lot about the full-body experience and relaxation you have when you go to one. I’m only a beginner, but now I really want to learn as much as I can about this type of balanced lifestyle. It makes sense, I spend so many hours during the week keeping my body in shape and eating the right foods (well, maybe I can do better in that department)—so why isn’t my skin getting proper care too? Hopefully I can take my healthy attitude toward exercise and nutrition and put it toward living an all-over healthy lifestyle in the years to come. [Check out a pic of one of the venues at the spa event below!]













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