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Wisdom Teeth Setback

I'm SO EXTATIC to report that 2 days ago, I FINALLY hit the under 200lb mark. I honestly thought that was never going to happen. I've really started looking at what I'm eating and trying to do 30 mins of cardio every other day. I didn't want to set lofty goals that were good at first but I just wouldn't be able to stick when week after week.  So instead of grabbing for the chips and salsa, I grab for a grapefruit or a bagel thin.  I'm starting to look at calories but also my fat/protien/carb intake and trying to keep it balanced.  Instaed of downing a bunch of calories with what I'm drinking I'm trying to down more water instead.

Yesterday I hit a sort of setback if you may.  I had to get my wisdom teeth out, and if any of you have ever had it done than you know that working out is just really not an option for a while.  I'm also on a mostly liquid and soft food diet.  Not something I was looking forward to because I had been doing so well with what I was eating.

Right now I'm mostly nervous that I'm gonna be fine not eating very much with this soft food diet but as soon as I can eat art foods again I'm gonna feel like I had been depriving myself and binge. Gosh this is hard, but I am DETERMINED to not let it stop me! :D


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