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Work, date, and have fun!

Like all the stories you've heard about dating in Manhattan (or seen on episodes of Sex And The City), it is true: dating in this big city can be tough! It's not that it's difficult to meet someone who you can connect with and carry on a good conversation for a few hours at a bar, it's just that I've discovered in my past year of living here that people in this city are always so busy! You may go on a date one night and then be booked with work or social activities with your friends for the next week...and the guy that you were into may get the vibe that you're not into him anymore and you'll never hear from him again...and so the dating cycle will end up starting again with someone new. Well, the same is true even when you are in a relationship--dating can be tough when you're with someone equally as busy as yourself.

Although Dino and I are going strong, we're both very involved people--me with my triathlon and Shape events, and he with his outdoor excursions, plus he's playing guitar in a new band--so it does take extra effort to make sure we get to spend quality time with one another. However, we've discovered recently that both our group of friends mesh well together, and this is always an easy solution to spending time with my friends and my boyfriend on the one or two nights that I do have free. This weekend, my coworker and triathlon buddy Sharon, and I threw a fundraising event at a huge loft in Williamsburg, Brooklyn--we raised almost $3,000 for leukemia! Besides the opportunity to make so much money for charity (and boosting the sales of our personal donations toward the organization: we each have to raise $2,600 to be able to compete in the race!) it was really nice to have my friends from work, my best friends from home and college, and my boyfriend, all in the same room. Dino and his band put on a special performance and even let my best friend Carly, our associate beauty editor, sing as well! [Check out the photos below.]

The night was such a success, and some of my single coworkers got to mingle with my boyfriend's friends...maybe I'll have some Shape double dates soon to tell you about. But now it's time to get back to my triathlon training--I've got two months to go! I love being so busy, and although this may be the busiest I've ever been, it's a good experience learning how to manage work, my friends, my boyfriend and time for myself.   


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