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Working Hard

Last night I was in the office until about 9pm, not a typical day for
me. But when you're asked to do something and you're on deadline,
staying late is part of the job. I was working on a food story for an
upcoming issue, which included lots of numbers and
calculations, something that is not my forte. Since I always knew that
I wanted to be a writer, I kind of dozed off during those boring, and
confusing, algebra classes. However, now I was struggling to bring back
those distant math memories. Well, they didn't come to me, so it took a
while for me to convert tablespoons and ounces to cups, and to figure
out how many servings each recipe would provide--all to give you
an accurate account of what's in your dinner tonight. It's been an
eye-opener to find out that magazines aren't just about writing
creative stories and interesting cover lines. I used to think magazine
jobs were straightforward--and of course incredibly glamorous (I still
do!)--and that there wasn't much else to it than interviewing a top
doctor or celebrity and then writing the story. But before that part
even happens, you have to do a lot of legwork, some of it a bit
tedious. And even though I'm horrible at math, I get it now that
everything we do is a piece of the puzzle.


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