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13 Thoughts You Have While Working Out In January

While most of the world is pumped to hit the gym in January, making good on their new year's resolutions, we're a little miffed. Look, we're all for making health and exercise a goal, but the fair-weather fitness fanatics are cramping our sweat style. After all, there are only so many treadmills or spots in yoga class to go around—we've earned first dibs! If you're a year-round gym-goer, we bet you've had these thoughts, too, every time you head to the gym in January:

1. Whoa… what’s with the line to get in to the gym?


2. My regular group fitness class is as packed as the subway at rush hour.



3. Oh, you're mad I scooted in 2 seconds before class?

Via Buzzfeed

4. That's not a problem every OTHER month of the year.


5. Ugh, I cannot possible do two squats to the left and then two to the right when everyone around me is squatting to the beat of their own drum.

6. Hey! It’s called a Push-Up Kick-Through NOT a Push-Up Kick-Your-Neighbor!


7. I am a horrible person. I should be cheering these folks on for making it to class.


8. But when you're forced to work out like this, it's hard to think positive thoughts.


9. Um, that is not how you use that...


10. Oh, so you're just going to "take a water break" during the toughest part of the workout?


11. Just...why?


12. Maybe I should just run or work out at home tomorrow…


13. Here's hoping those resolutions just don't stick (#sorrynotsorry).



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