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2 Fitness Apps Partner for All Your Wellness Needs


Instead of using multiple apps to log your morning run, share your progress with select friends, track your breakfast calories, and find a 10K training plan (and that's all before you leave for work), now you can do everything with one app. RunKeeper and MyFitnessPal, two of the leading free smartphone apps in the fitness and wellness category, recently announced a partnership that will enable users to seamlessly and accurately track exercise and nutrition information within one simple platform.

"At RunKeeper, we're working to create the most complete fitness platform to help people reach their health goals," says Jason Jacobs, CEO of RunKeeper. "We recognize that a healthy lifestyle includes both physical activity as well as a balanced diet, so it was a no-brainer to partner with MyFitnessPal, a top-tier food tracking app with a booming user community."

With the integration, RunKeeper's 20 million users and MyFitnessPal's 40 million users can now log their fitness activity and see their daily calorie allotment adjust automatically based on how much they just burned off.

This newest version of RunKeeper also features a social media feed where users can share their updates with a chosen circle of people instead of posting on their general Facebook newsfeed. "I've noticed some social-sharing fatigue when people post every single one of their workouts to their social feeds, so we created the in-app feed so our users could share their updates with chosen friends in an environment of like-minded runners working toward similar goals," Jacobs says.

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Other new highlights include 15 training plans for distances from 5K to marathon, fat-loss plans created by professional running coaches, and integrations with other popular apps such as FitBit, Garmin, GymPact (which costs you money if you miss a workout), and Earndit (a rewards platform that allows you redeem points you earn for healthy products you love).

"RunKeeper can truly become a personal trainer in your pocket," Jacobs says. "The training plans are designed to help any level of runner follow a schedule best suited for their ability, and the app speaks to you as you run so you know exactly what your pace should be."

Plus, tracking your progress can help you reach your health and fitness goals: RunKeeper found that users who actively log their activity within their first week and state a goal are a third more likely to continue achieving their fitness objectives, Jacobs says.

Whether you're a seasoned marathoner or a running newbie, it's a smart idea to download a tracking app before you hit the pavement, he adds. "RunKeeper can help runners understand their progress, receive training guidance, and achieve their health goals more easily and seamlessly than ever before."


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