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3 Embarrassing Yoga Mishaps

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Your yoga practice should be all about you and being in the present. So, avoiding any embarrassing mishaps that might take you out of the present is crucial. Whether you are a total yoga newbie, or you just haven't been in a while, here are some tips to keep in mind to avoid any unpleasantries and leave you feeling totally zen.

1. Think fitted. Often times, newcomers to yoga think that standard athletic gear is adequate—until your first down dog when your shirt falls over your head. (Nothing says 'zen' like adjusting your clothing for an entire class, right?) Fitted tops are a must, unless you're cool with your abs on display in a sports bra. Another thing to remember: Avoid shorts, unless they are fitted. If you wear running shorts and go into a squat or wide-legged seated forward bend, the whole room might see a little more than you intended.

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2. Go bananas. It's never fun to have to stop in the middle of a flow because your foot, shin, or some other part of you starts to cramp up. The best way to avoid this? Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water throughout the day. Cramping can also be caused by an in balance of electrolytes, including potassium. So, if cramping is an issue for you, a banana before class could be a great option.

3. Prep your tummy. In a perfect world, everyone's digestion would be magnificent. However, that typically isn't the case. So, make sure you have something to eat about an hour before your class starts that can be easily digested within the hour (it can be a smoothie, a handful of nuts, a protein bar, a banana, or whatever works for you). That way, you have food in your system to keep you strong and energized, but you aren't running for the bathroom after your first down dog. If you are doing yoga post-lunch or dinner, try to avoid the more gassy foods like beans and broccoli. The rest of the room will thank you!


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