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4 Fitness Tools of the Future


When you can work out at home, there’s no excuse for not breaking a sweat. (Plus, you don't have to worry about looking your best post-workout.) The best news: With the right equipment, you can torch serious calories and tone up fast—all from the comfort of your living room. But first, you need to go shopping. That's right, we're giving you an excuse to splurge. So what should you purchase? Pick up one of these four, versatile tools, which all work in multiple ways to sculpt your body from head to toe and you may be reconsidering that pricey monthly membership.

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A Dumbbell-Medicine Ball-Kettlebell Hybrid
Created by fitness expert, Greg Plitt, the Metaball Fitness System screws open and closed so you can add weighted plates to the middle, which will up your burn when performing exercises with a medicine ball—like Russian twists—or use the handle to do kettlebell swings. You can also leave the two ends apart for bicep or hammer curls, or put them on the ground and do agility drills, like lateral speed skater jumps. The best part: It comes with a workout DVD so you can learn new moves. ($120; available for pre-order at

A Body Board
Set the Da Vinci BodyBoard (a long, wooden board that folds up for easy storage) in your living room to do aerobic and strength moves with resistance. It comes with two sets of tension tubes (regular and advanced), two dance bands, a set of ankle straps, as well as a mat. The purchase also comes with access to online workout videos. ($298;

A Core-Challenging Spring Platform
The lightweight StrongBoard Balance features springs that test your stability and therefore, fire up your core. Use it for push-ups, squats, and mountain climbers, or even for yoga poses, and you’ll get all the full-body toning benefits. Bonus: You can customize the colors of the springs to match your home décor. (from $249;

A Panel to Maximize Pushup Potential
Studies have shown that a triangle pushup is the best way to sculpt your triceps, and the Maximum Fitness Power Press Push Up Board lets you execute that move and more. It’s color-coded and comes with handles so you can switch up your pushup grip in several ways, making it easy to work your entire upper body while also engaging your core muscles. This comes with an exercise DVD too. ($60;


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