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The 484 Calorie Fourth of July Beach Workout


I’m headed to the beach for the Fourth of July and while it’s a day off from work I don’t want it to be a day off from working out. The original plan was to sneak in a fitness DVD in the morning but once I realized how early we have to leave to catch the train, that plan went out the window. It is a day off after all—I want to sleep in a little! So my new plan is to get active on the beach without my friends knowing we’re getting our exercise on. Enter beach volleyball!

Beach volleyball is an amazing total body workout and is a little more fun than doing lunges and planks in the sand as your friends sip margaritas near by. Thanks to the shifting sand underfoot, you have to engage your core and expend more calories than if you were playing on a stable surface. In fact, you can torch a whopping 484 calories during an hour of beach volleyball, just enough to burn off one of those margaritas (try these low cal alternatives instead). Sounds like a win to me!

But then again, I don’t really know how to play beach volleyball…in fact; I’m terrible at volleyball in general! If you’re like me, not to worry, I decided to do a little research, learn the rules of the game, and watch a how-to video to help prepare myself, and you, for a day of fun filled fitness. The video below summed the game up pretty well for me. Learn the basics on scoring, setting up teams, how the game differs from indoor volleyball, and more to dazzle your friends with your “expertise” tomorrow. 

Bonus, the more you’re up and active the less time your hand is in the bag of chips. Watch this helpful video and rally your friends for a game of friendly Fourth of July beach volleyball.



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