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Adidas Launches Springblade Running Shoe


Today Adidas introduced a running shoe, Springblade, and it's perfect for everyone. Don’t like to run? No problem, these will make it easier. Follow a regular Tuesday-speed-work, Thursday-fartleks, Sunday-long-run routine? Then these will make you go faster. Sounds too good to be true, right?

Mikal Peveto, director of running at Adidas America, says the shoe is modeled almost like a springboard used in gymnastics. “The bottom of the shoe is designed with energy capsules that I describe as 'flubber meets the everlasting gobstopper,'” he says. “You get the same feeling in these shoes at five miles that you do at 500 miles—we know that because we’ve tested it.”

The shoe's sole features 16 forward-angled blades made of a high-tech polymer—or, as Peveto describes it, a magical indestructible flubber-like matter—that are arrange specifically to the position of each phase of a typical running stride.

“The way these are made are so that at first impact you absorb energy, then at mid-distance you maintain it, and then the rest of the foot strike you use to propel forward,” Peveto says. “The blades are turned under the first and second toe to give you that engagement, to propel you forward.”

And unlike most typical foam shoes, which feature the same design for all sizes, a size-7 Springblade and a size 10 are different, as are the women's from the men's.

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You should only wear the Springblade for linear movements—walking or running—not for cross training, workouts such as CrossFit, or sports where you need to make quick changes of direction.

The shoes will be available on August 1 for $180, a steep price, we agree, but one that would be worth it if this flubber-meets-gobstopper material really is indestructible.

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