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Ah, the pressure

It happened again last night: While talking to a friend of a friend
at dinner, I mentioned what I do for a living, and she said, 'Wow, you
must work out all the time.' The truth is, I used to exercise
regularly (and I had the toned arms and flat abs to prove it). But
lately with traveling to photo shoots, meeting (and missing a few)
deadlines, and planning my wedding I've gotten a wee bit softer and much
slower. And that's not okay for someone who writes about and loves
fitness! So a few weeks ago, I decided to take my own advice—everything
I write in the magazine every month. I told myself, 'When you don't
have time for a full workout, squeeze in 15 minutes'; 'If you don't feel
like going to the gym, lace up your sneakers anyway'; and 'Instead of
meeting your friends for dinner and drinks, make a workout date.'


I've really been following that first recommendation by walking home
from work. It's 1.8 miles door to door and while I don't speed walk, I
keep up a moderate pace the entire way. Sometimes I listen to my iPod,
often I call my dad, but one thing's always the same: By the time I get
home, my legs are tired and my head feels clear. Hey, what's your
favorite way to squeeze in exercise? (Please don't tell me you park in
the farthest spot at the mall...I live in New York City!)


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