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Best Fitness Folks on Twitter: Valerie Waters


Who do you follow on Twitter? I'm just getting started... and slowly adding some of my favorite trainers. This week's pick: Valerie Waters. Based here in L.A., Valerie has been sculpting the stars (most recently Poppy Montgomery) for more than 15 years. And she's also the brainchild behind Valslides, the clever gliding discs you can use to do tons of moves at home and on the road. I enjoy all her tweets about her celeb clients, but especially like her more motivational ones like this recent post: "You don’t get in shape by reading the fitness magazines. You gotta go do the work! Go on, get to it.” (Okay, that one stung a bit... but she's right—you have to do the workouts we print!)

Follow her: @ValerieWaters

And follow me, too! @ShapeFitEditor


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