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Bring on the Powder

The temps are dropping (yes, even in L.A.) and I’m in need of a snow day. When I was a kid that meant two things: watching the Price is Right and sledding down the hill on First Street (which, 25 years later, looks pretty darn flat.)

But now cold temps make me think of snowboarding. I took my first lesson a few years ago and loved it, but I didn’t get on the snow again until last January—and it wasn’t as fun as I’d remembered. Learning a new sport in your thirties is frustrating, and there were bruises, burns, face-plants, and tears as I tumbled down the beginner slopes at The Canyons in Park City, Utah. But in February—when I took my third lesson at Stowe in Vermont—I did a successful S curve down an intermediate slope, and I was hooked. So this year I’m determined to master riding—or at the very least tackle those intermediate runs without a 19-year-old instructor cheering me on.

While I’m yapping about getting back on a board, I have to share my best gear find from last winter. Check out these waterproof Level Butter¬fly gloves ($85; They have removable wrist guards (when you fall as much as I do, they’re a must), goggle-cleaning fingertips, and cinch strings for a snug fit.


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