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Can You Name All 7 Events in the Olympic Heptathlon?


Even after watching British athlete Jessica Ennis win the 2012 Olympic heptahlon this weekend, I’m still not sure what exactly makes up the seven-part competition and how it all works. After doing a little online research I found this great video from FitSugar that broke it all down for me. Am I the only one who didn't know the heptathlon was the female counterpart to the men's decathlon and that the heptathlon didn't even exist until until 1984?

Watch the video below to impress your friends and colleagues with your knowledge about the heptathlon then scroll down to get more facts about this years race.


British athlete, Jessica Ennis, won the 2012 heptathlon with 6955 points, 306 points in from of second place finisher Lilli Schwarzkopf of Germany on Saturday August 4th

American athletes Sharon Day and Chantiae Mcmillan finished with 6232, 5688 points respectively

Despite beginning day two in fourth place, 31-year-old Hyleas Fountain of the United States skipped the final 800 meter leg of the heptathlon and did not complete the race

At 70.86 feet Fountain threw the shortest javelin throw of the games knocking her out of the running for a medal

Fountain and Ennis cleared 6.1 feet on the high jump, tying them for the highest jump of the competition

Ennis’ gold was Britain’s first track and field medal in London since 1908

After winning the final leg of the heptathlon, the 800-meter race, Ennis had energy to run two victory laps around the Olympic stadium 

26-year-old Ennis plans to return to the Olympic arena in four years, despite planning a wedding next year

Jackie Joyner-Kersee’s has held both the Olympic and World Records with 7291 points since 1988

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