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Class is in session

Going to a new gym always fills me with that new-school-year
excitement, and my first day at the Equinox in West Hollywood was no
different. I hit the treadmill, and while I walked I scanned the weight
room, mapping out my next workout.
I noticed my favorite Freemotion machine (I love doing chest flies on
it) and I spotted a sunny corner with mats where I can do all my
foam-roller stretches. I've got a way to go before this club feels as
homey as my old one, but it felt good to be back in a gym again.

On my way out the door, I picked up a class schedule and then spent
some time at home circling the ones I want to try. I can't wait to
check out Cardio Quickie, a half-hour class that 'incorporates simple,
fun, athletic moves that are easy to follow.' (I always loved taking
cardio classes, but I often feel like I spend most of the time trying
to figure out what the teacher is doing—so this class's description
sounds perfect to me.) There's also Totally Hip Yoga, a flowing yoga
class combined with 'an eclectic soundtrack'—I don't know about you,
but I find it so much easier to get into the groove of moving if
there's music playing. And I'm also going to try Buff Ballet Barre, a
one-hour sculpting class based on ballet moves. (You can actually try a
workout like this one at home—just check out 'The Fast Way to a Sleek,
Sexy Shape' in our December issue!)

What's your favorite new (or old standby) fitness class? Confession: I still love step aerobics.


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