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CrossFlowX Yoga for Killer Cardio

The Movement

As a yoga instructor, people ask me what my favorite yoga class is all the time. For the last few years, there has been plenty that I have enjoyed, but nothing that was everything I was looking for in a yoga class. I loved yoga, but I really missed the high of cardio. And when I did cardio, I really missed the expanding, flowing, tapping-in part of yoga.

The more I told people this, the more people told me that I should create my own class. The timing never felt right, but when The Movement reached out to me and asked me to create my own class, and they pledged to give one dollar per person per class to brain cancer research (a cause very near and dear to my heart), I knew the place and time had come.

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CrossFlowX is everything I love: hard-core power yoga flows mixed with cardio intervals and Kundalini Kriyas, set to awesome tunes. It is a big, sweaty, smile-y party that will leave everyone feeling exhausted yet exhilarated and open with a completely clean slate.

I am so beyond excited to get to share this with everyone—it is exactly what I would want in a class! This video doesn't have the tunes (so you can hear the instruction), but it does have the rest. Hope you love it as much as I do!



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