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Enjoy Every Bite of Your Holiday Meal!


Thanksgiving is here. And on nearly every tv show, in every newspaper, and yes, even in many health magazines, someone is telling you how many calories you're about to eat—and making you feel guilty about it. I am so over it! Holiday meals are about family and food, not waistlines or weight. For me, Thanksgiving is about eating too much of my mother-in-law's stuffing and chocolate cake (which I'll miss this year since we won't be with our family); drinking a bit too much wine; and then vegging out in front of the fire. Exercise and portion control be damned—this is one day, and I have 363 (Christmas won't count either!) to do things healthier. Are you with me? Then head to that table tomorrow and enjoy every single bite. (Just be sure to get right back to your healthy lifestyle tomorrow!) Happy Thanksgiving!


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