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Equinox Gives New Meaning to All-Inclusive Membership


For Equinox members, keeping track of your fitness progress and goals just got a whole lot easier. The global gym franchise just introduced a new iOS mobile app and revamped website that unify data from wearable devices and workout sessions in order to give users a fully personalized fitness experience, inside and outside the gym.

With the new app, you can get an immediate snapshot of all of your exercise data with one simple swipe on your mobile device. The “Activity” feature aggregates your number of workouts, calories burned, and distance covered, based on manually-entered info, data from fitness trackers (it supports Jawbone, Fitbit, and third-party apps like MapMyFitness and MyFitness Pal), or even gym equipment (just snap a photo of your treadmill or bike dashboard!).

"The app and website’s new capabilities and features are in place to create a highly personalized experience for our members," said Matt Burton, director of digital marketing for Equinox in a press release. "We’ve created a useful tool to better serve our members so each individual can see a holistic view of their health in one place."

An enhanced class search function includes “Make Me,” an emotions-based feature that offers class recommendations based on users’ mood and state of mind. And if you were frustrated with the old app’s bike-booking function, you’ll be pleased to know the new version lets you set alert reminders and choose favorite bikes, and even shows the layout of each cycling studio.

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Finally, Q, the brand’s online health and wellness magazine, is integrated into the app, so you can find tons of relevant content about nutrition, workout tips, and more healthy living advice right in the palm of your hand. And since a huge key to reaching your fitness goals is having friends to keep you motivated, the app allows you to easily share your class schedule, fitness goals, and progress with your peers on social media platforms.

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