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Finding Motivation for That First Run


It’s starting to feel like spring here in New York City and if you’re like me, warm weather, slightly longer days, and knowing swimsuit season is a few months away makes you want to head outside and run. That is, until it’s time to actually put your sneakers on and walk out the door. I may have stared at the sun shining through the office window all day, planning my evening run in my head: leave work at 6 p.m., home by 6:30, check mail, change clothes, get to the park by 7:45 and run!

But what do you know? I leave work a little late, a coworker wants to grab drinks, or maybe I make it home on time but I’m hungry and need a little snack, and then a little time to digest. Next thing I know it’s not so early, in fact it’s dark out, and it’s kind of cold, and I still have to cook dinner. Maybe I’ll run tomorrow…

Yet again Newton’s Law prevails: An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion. So I decided to throw science to the wind and take to Pinterest to find some motivation and turn myself into an object in motion...that will hopefully stay in motion. If you need to jumpstart your workout, check out these three motivational pins—they're helping me hit the trails tonight. And for more fitness motivation follow SHAPE on Pinterest.

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Please share your motivational fitness pins on our Healthy Inspiration board and tell me your technique for getting out the door when you have every reason not to.


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