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Fit Ever After: My Wedding!!

wedding shape-up program didn't go exactly as I planned. One week I was
so busy that 20-minute workouts became my norm, some days I felt too
tired to push myself through intervals, and then there was the whole
'trying to work out in the morning' thing. But for six weeks I can
honestly say that I was consistent about hitting the gym and diligent
about sculpting my upper body. And last Sunday (my wedding day) I felt
like the work really paid off.

After my bridesmaid, Carol, zipped me up and my sister, Chris,
adjusted my dress (check out the photo) I took a look at myself in a
full-length mirror, then spun around to check out my back. There were
no frustrating bulges—just toned muscles. I felt strong, confident, and
beautiful. And instead of worrying about standing up tall and pulling
in my abs to minimize my belly, or wondering if my arms looked jiggly,
I was free to enjoy every single moment of the day. A few of my
favorites: hugging my teary-eyed mom before the ceremony; seeing my
pals from Los Angeles as I walked down the aisle; feeling Dave's hands
shake while we said our vows; screaming every word to Livin' on a Prayer
with my girlfriends; watching my 8-year-old niece, Jenna, tear up the
dance floor; and hanging out in the hotel lobby with 15 dedicated
out-of-towners for an after-after-party.

I had a blast at my wedding and I'm proud of what I
accomplished in the gym (in just six weeks!). Which begs the question:
Now what? I need a new fitness goal to fuel my workout routine. Maybe
it's just continuing to fit into my favorite new pair of jeans or being
in prime shape for another try at learning to snowboard this year. I'm
not sure yet, but I'll keep you posted.


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