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Found! The perfect shades


Today’s blogger: Marissa Stephenson, Shape’s associate fitness editor

I’ve seen more than a couple women wearing their Chloe glasses during an outdoor workout. Ladies, it’s time to upgrade to performance eyewear! Sports-specific shades are lighter, stay put when you sweat, and often have impact-resistant lenses. And a new sunglass store is making it easier than ever to find your ideal pair. N3LOptics ( lets you shop by activity, technology, or environment (e.g., water, snow, roads). Kendra Richenau, N3L Optics’ senior vice-president and brand director, says to keep these three tips in mind when you shop for performance shades:

1) Lighten up A little weight can make a big difference when you’re working up a sweat, so choose glasses that weigh no more than 2 ounces. (If you're shopping in a store, the salesperson should be able to tell you the weight.)

2) Get comfy Sunglasses should feel snug, but not create pressure points. If possible, wear a pair for at least five minutes before you decide to buy; if they rub or feel super-tight behind your ears, try another style. 

3) Check the lenses Choose polycarbonate, which blocks 100 percent of UV rays and is 10 times more shatter-resistant than plain plastic. Also look for lenses that curve a bit at the sides, as they offer extra protection from sun, wind, and impact. And if you plan to wear your shades for boating, skiing, or biking, opt for polarized lenses—they eliminate glare on water, snow, and blacktop roads.




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