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Free Workouts This Weekend!

Brooklyn, Bronx, and East Harlem residents: What are you doing this Saturday morning? If all you’ve got planned is a rendezvous with your couch, head to your local community garden for a FREE strength-training class. As part of Restore Yourself: Fit Club (sponsored by Coca-Cola), the New York Restoration Project is hosting weekly outdoor fitness classes in three New York City community gardens. In partnership with Lululemon, licensed instructors will lead you through an hour-long workout class, and you can also win prizes and get health tips and recipes while you’re there. Classes are free and any skill level can participate. Simply call 212-333-2552 or email to register.

Here are the details:

WHEN Every Saturday in August at 10:00 AM

CLASSES August 14: Strength Training; August 21:IntenSati, August 28: Anusara Yoga

WHERE All classes take place simultaneously at the below Brooklyn, Bronx and East Harlem community gardens

  • Target Brooklyn Community Garden (931 - 933 Bedford Avenues)
  • Target Bronx Community Garden (1025 Anderson Avenue)
  • Target East Harlem Community Garden (415-417 East 117th Street, between First and Pleasant Avenues)


If you don’t live in those areas (I’m across the country…and so bummed to miss out!) log on to and try their weekly free yoga class. I’m going to take my laptop outside so I can follow along on my balcony!



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