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Give Biking to Work a Spin

Today’s blogger: Alla Byrne, Shape’s Web Editor

I’ve always avoided biking in New York City. The crazy cab drivers, pedestrian-packed sidewalks, and non-stop traffic intimidated me.  But when Timberland invited me to take a bike tour around the West Village on these stylist vintage bikes, I couldn’t resist.



You know what? I had a blast! And I didn’t have a single collision—although I did get scolded for riding in a bike-free zone along the Hudson River. Note to self: Don’t speed by signs without reading them first.  

People often forget that biking isn’t just a workout (it torches 200 calories in a half hour), but a fun, eco-friendly way to get around. Today is Bike to Work Day, so instead of jumping in the car or on the train, why not pedal your way there? You’ll save gas and money, with the added bonus of burning calories and strengthening your legs and butt.

If you’re in the market for a cute commuter bike, check out our tips for finding the right ride. Prefer indoor cycling? Take advantage of this exclusive discount for Shape readers.


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