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Golden Opportunity

Today’s blogger: Marissa Stephenson, Shape’s assistant fitness editor

Amid the deadline frenzy last week, our office got a special treat: a visit from five-time Olympic-medalist Nastia Luikin. She told us how she prepped for Bejing—and it took much more time than I had ever imagined. Nastia spent seven hours a day (six days a week) in the gym! Two hours were dedicated to strength training and cardio, and during the other five hours she perfected her balance beam, uneven bars, and floor routines.
When I asked her if performing for millions of viewers (especially during that nail-biting night of the women’s all-around gold) made her nervous, Nastia didn’t even blink. “I shut everything else out and just threw myself into my routines,” she said. “It was like I was in my own little world.”
Since topping the podium, Nastia’s spent four months on a whirlwind 37-city gymnastics tour. She took this month off from training (but she still runs and does the elliptical several times a week), and she’ll be back in the gym come January. And what does she like to do most during her precious minutes of downtime? “I’m reading the Twilight novels,” she says. Yep, even elite athletes are hooked on the vampire-love series.
     Thanks for stopping by, Nastia—and good luck in 2009!

(That's Shape's assistant managing editor Kristen Maxwell on the left, Nastia in the middle, and me on the right.)






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