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A Green Shoe (That Comes in 7 colors)


Happy Earth Day runners! 

Running may be one of the most eco-friendly sports—the only gear you really need is a pair of running shoes and Brooks has made those even more eco-friendly than ever. The Green Silence sneaker ($90; is made using 50 percent less material than traditional manufacturing and is made out of a whopping 75 percent post-consumer recycled content. 

Remember the discman you used to run with? The one that skipped with nearly every other step? Well you may now be treading on your old “running mix” CD. The heel counters, the plastic insert which provides support in the heel of the shoe, are made with recycled CDs—thank goodness those outdated devices have found a second life! And the recycled rubber outsole is made of 30 percent tire material giving a whole new meaning to burning some rubber! And even though most of us have made the switch to the reusable kind, plastic water bottles help make up the 75 percent of recycled materials found in the Green Silence.

Brooks didn’t stop at just the shoe either. The Green Silence comes in a box made of 100 percent post-consumer recycled material. All of the inks and adhesives are water-based and there is no extra filler in the box, just chlorine-free tissue. That means no silica packets so be sure to keep your sneaks fresh by taking them out for a run every day!


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