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A Handy Guide for Exercising Outside


To work out or not to work out, that is the daily dilemma….And if you’re gym membership-free, like me, the weather has always been the perfect excuse to skip your daily sweat session. Well no more. I don’t know if I’m happy or sad (ok, I’m really excited except right now as I type this at 5 p.m. and have no reason not to go running tonight) but Brooks has finally eliminated one of my go-to excuses: changing temperatures.  Sure, lots of athletic brands have created workout gear for a variety of climates but Brooks has taken all the guesswork out of exactly what to wear with their 1-2-3 temperature guide. Once you know what the conditions you’re dealing with are, (by stepping outside or visiting for the fifteenth time today) check the guide below and see what you should wear for a comfortable outdoor sweat session. Looks like it’s Be Warm capris and a zip-up for me tonight!


























Do you have a go-to layering strategy for staying warm, without overheating? Tell me in the comments below. I go from freezing to overheated in no time!

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