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I’m a runner. Kara Goucher, a top U.S. Olympic marathoner, says I can call myself that even if I don’t do it everyday. Generally I hoof it a couple of times a week for three to five miles. Recently I moved into a new neighborhood and no matter which direction I go, I have to tackle a few hills just to make a decent loop. In my old neighborhood I could avoid them but I would occasionally force myself to tackle a few super-steep ones just to change things up, especially if I only had 20 or 30 minutes to run. Having to face hills every time is, well, annoying. But it’s doing great things for my fitness level! I’m already noticing that I can run a few before having to walk for a minute or two and my goal is to make it four or five miles (and probably six or more serious hills) before I need to slow down. I realize it’s a good form of interval training but sometimes I’d like to be able to leave the house and just run flats if I want to! They do come in handy after a bad day, though, when you just want to pound all the negativity and bad feelings out of your head. I guess I’ll just have to keep running them and hope that some day those hills will seem like flats!

Janet Lee

Deputy editor


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