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I’ve been reviewing fitness DVDs for Shape for years—and I have a huge pile of them in my living room to prove it—but I rarely do them more than once. That’s because I’m a gym rat: I find it motivating to work out with a room full of sweaty people; I have a favorite bench in the weight room; and I walk out of the studio if my favorite instructor isn’t teaching her regular class. (Clearly I’m a creature of habit, too.)

But during the past few months my Equinox workouts have become far less frequent because I have to drive to the club. The five-mile trek takes—wait for it—about 20 minutes, which means I end up spending 40 minutes in the car for an hour-long workout. So lately I’ve been eying that stack of DVDs and contemplating exercising at home. And this morning I did it (well, sort of). I tried Yoga Emergency: The 12-Minute Workout/Back. It’s a soothing, easy routine that focuses entirely on postures that stretch and strengthen your middle and lower back. While 12 minutes of yoga doesn’t really count as a “workout,” it’s a start.

I’ll let you know what other DVDs I rediscover. And if you work out at home, please tell me about the titles you love. (Who knows, I just might have it in that pile!)

**By the way, there are a few DVDs in the 'Yoga Emergency' series—one for arms and shoulders; hips; legs; and pregnancy. Check them out at




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