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Hooping: We Tried It!


As a kid, I never really got the hang of hula hooping, while my best friend, Lisa, was a natural. So when I heard about WindUp, a new class at New York Health & Racquet Club based on the recess staple, I jumped at the chance to learn how to keep the hoop circling around my waist.

But during the 45-minute hula/dance hybrid I mastered more than just old-school hooping. Instructor and class creator, Leislene Hendrickson, taught us to swirl the hoop around our hands and arms, too, and glide gracefully in and out of the orb—while keeping it spinning. The session was a great core workout (you have to really use your abs) and really kept my heart rate up to burn lots of calories. Plus, the soundtrack of reggae and hip hop music—and Leislene’s encouragement to just move our body with the rhythm—made the class tons of fun too. Maybe next time I’m in our hometown, I’ll challenge Lisa to a hoop-off…


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