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I want Buns of Steel

I've pushed laundry day as far as I can. I'm down to Christmas-themed underwear and gaucho workout pants. In other words, I wasn't going to be caught dead at the gym this morning in the outfit I'd cobbled
together. So instead I tried The Best of Tamilee's Buns, Abs, & Arms workout DVD.

Remember Tamilee Webb? In high school I owned all her workout tapes (yep, tapes): Abs of Steel, Buns of Steel, and Arms of (you guessed it) Steel. I loved her perky personality and encouraging style, and when I finally met her in person last year, she was just as energetic and cool. Her new DVD is sort of a greatest hits of all my favorite oldies: three 15-minute workouts (one for butt, one for abs, and one for arms) with moves from the original tapes. I did the butt and ab routines, and a few sets in my 'buns' were feeling the burn. Even though Tami says the plans are targeted to a specific body part, the exercises all work more than one muscle group at once. (For example, I did biceps curls while I lunged, and shoulder presses while I squatted.) In other words, I
didn't need to do the arm routine to get an arm workout. If you like fitness DVDs, check this one out; it's definitely going to be on stand-by for my laundry days.



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