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Kettlebell Kickboxing: We Tried It!


Kettlebell kickboxing is a butt-kicking workout that combines strength training, plyometrics, and martial arts. A group of SHAPE staffers and I recently visited the Anderson Martial Arts Studio in New York City to try the class, which was created by Dasha Libin. After practicing a few signature kettlebell moves, like swings and halos, we learned some of the compound exercises that would be repeated throughout the workout. Examples: sit-ups to triceps extensions, push-ups to side planks, and squats with forward kicks. Because every move worked my upper and lower body, I felt like I was sculpting every muscle.

It was love at first try for me, so I went back for another class that week. This time we did a series of exercises as a circuit, with planks in between. My muscles were burning just 15 minutes into the session, but Dasha’s enthusiasm and sense of humor kept me moving. Get a taste of the class by visiting or try it at home with the new Scorcher Series DVDs.


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