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The Music Mix to Match Every Workout

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How many times have you had to stop what you're doing to skip to the next song on your playlist? When it comes to going hard and doing your best workout, the perfect beat is key.

Your solution: Body By Jake's new "Don't Quit" workout mix. Perfect for interval training, this compilation is made up of hit songs and hot remixes by the some of the most in-demand mixers in the world.

What makes Body By Jake's workout mix different? Not only will it pump you up, but it will keep you in check. A song's tempo and rhythm are determined by beats-per-minute (BPMs). BPMs in each song in the mix are chosen to match the level of intensity of a particular workout. By following the beat of the mix, you'll keep your endurance up and be sure you're not slacking on your workout.

Ready to get your heart rate up and sweat it out to artists like Enrique Iglesias and OneRepublic? You can download "Don't Quit: Interval Training Workout" here or from iTunes.


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