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New Gym on the Block: Exceed Fitness


You know the flurry of excitement that foodies feel when a new restaurant opens? I get just as giddy when a gym debuts in New York City—so I couldn’t wait to check out Exceed Fitness.  

When I walked into the 4,800-square-foot facility, my eyes scanned the state-of-the-art equipment and settled on the climbing rope and monkey bars with TRX suspension trainer systems hanging from them—my favorite! I also spotted an indoor sled and a track. This was definitely a place where I wouldn’t just be cranking out sets of curls with dumbbells or zoning out on a treadmill!

Four of Exceed’s trainers led a few fellow fitness fiends and me through a circuit workout. At each of four stations, we performed three exercises for one minute each. The circuits gave us a glimpse into the different group classes the gym offers: during TR-Xtreme, do a TRX workout; in Kettlebells, you use those familiar cannonball-shaped weights to get sculpted; Bosu Bounce cranks up the core challenge with a Bosu Balance Trainer; and in Cardio Boxing, you blast calories with kicking and punching combinations. Because there are no memberships at Exceed, the classes are open to anyone. You can use sessions ($32 each with a discount for buying in bulk) to take a class or just work out. Upper East Siders: I think I’ve found your new favorite gym. Exceed Fitness, 1477 Third Ave., NYC, 


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