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New Yoga Pants Are Made to Be Worn Commando


When you're packing workout clothes for a trip, what goes through your head? For me, it's: "Yoga mat and/or sneakers (if yes, then socks)? Check. Sports bras or tops? Check. Sweats, leggings, or shorts? Check."

But do you ever take into consideration what type of underwear you pack? I recently was approached by a company called Dear Kate, who makes workout pants you don't need to wear underwear with. According to their site, they originally created underwear made from a blend of “silky soft and unbelievably comfortable, stain-releasing, wicking” fabrics that also “provide an extra layer of protection.” Now they’re using this fabric in pants so you can go without panties—and bunching and visible panty lines, they note.

I was intrigued to say the least. I am not one for VPL, and the alternative options aren't always the most comfortable choice of attire in the world (and nothing says awkward like needing to adjust your yoga garments in a class). I love that Dear Kate thought through the undergarment conundrum that many active women face. I decided to reply to these ladies, and they were nice enough to send me a pair of the yoga crops to test out.

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The result? Pretty neat! No fussing, no fidgeting, no adjusting. They helped me leave all of my focus to my yoga practice without distraction from clothing mishaps. And you don't have to wear them just for yoga. You could wear them spinning, running, doing HIIT, or anything really. If you don't sweat and don't like to wash your leggings every time you work out, these pants may be worth changing your habit and putting in the extra washings. And if post-workout laundering is your norm, then Dear Kate has launched a really great product for you. It's great material and a great fit, and they really took the female athlete into consideration. (No Lululemon calamities here!) After testing them out, it seems all their claims are true.

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