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The Official Boston Marathon Treadmill


Didn’t make it to the Boston Marathon this year? Doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the legendary race entirely! Pro-Form treadmills, has just announced a new partnership with the Boston Athletic Association (BAA), the non-profit organization that hosts the annual marathon and this fall, Pro-Form will be releasing the official Boston Marathon treadmill.

The new treadmill can help you train for the Boston Marathon in a whole new way. Designed with the help of the BAA, the treadmill has a setting that actually mimics the terrain of the Boston marathon by matching the elevation every mile of the way. The treadmill also features an HD video of the historic course, which is being filmed today, during the 2012 Boston Marathon on a 10-inch Android touchscreen so you really can get in on today's actions. Pretty awesome!

Even if you missed today’s race you can still get in on the marathon mania! Check out to learn more about the official Boston Marathon treadmill.

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