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A pain in the arch


Blame it on my sneaker obsession (I currently have six pairs in my rotation), but I’m anal about wearing the right shoe for each activity. You will never ever see me running in a training sneaker or walking in a trail runner. So I can only blame myself for the achy arches I have today.

Lately I’ve been doing workout DVDs in my apartment to save me the time of driving to the gym. And no matter what kind of DVD I’m sweating to, I’m always barefoot because I don’t want to get our off-white carpet dirty. The shoeless method is no big deal when I’m cranking out a quick ab workout. But a 45-minute boot-camp routine that includes shuffles, jumps, and hops? Um, yeah, that requires a little more support. So today I decided to make these Asics Gel-Fluent TR 2 trainers ($85; my “home” sneakers—to keep them clean (and prevent them from mucking up my carpet), I won’t wear them outdoors. I think my feet are going to be pretty psyched about this new arrangement. My closet, on the other hand, is looking a little crowded.

These cross-trainers have plenty of cushioning, and they're super-stable, which is key for side-to-side motions. 



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