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Pants That Tone Your Body?

Today's blogger: SHAPE senior associate editor Marissa Stephenson

You've seen the toning flip-flops, sneakers, and boots. Next up? "Sculpting" clothes! Fila recently launched its Body Toning System collection, a line of apparel that supposedly makes your muscles work 50 percent harder.

I tried a pair of the Body Toning pants ($55; during a recent cardio session. Before I hit the treadmill, I checked myself out in the mirror, and immediately noticed that my butt looked perkier and my thighs appeared slimmer. (The pants have double-layer Lycra panels at the rear, inner thighs, and the front of the legs which compress your muscles slightly.) While running, I didn't feel like my legs were working any harder than usual—except when I sprinted. As I picked up my pace, it felt like the pants were pushing against my quads (or vice versa). But the next day, I wasn't noticeably achier than usual.

Bottom line: If you want sculpted legs, you should probably rev up your workouts, not your wardrobe. (But if you want to look hot while you do sweat through those sessions, try these pants!)











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