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Phone Fury

Today's blogger: Janet Lee, Shape's deputy editor
I was halfway through my regular Friday afternoon group-cycling class the other day when I looked over at the woman across from me and was horrified to see she was texting! I’m always amused when I see people on their phones at the gym anyway (despite signs banning them in many places). I’d think they would cherish having a little time away from the demands of life. But to text in cycling class? I was stunned. If you really can’t bear to be away from your phone for 45 minutes, just stay home. Don’t take a bike from someone who really wants to squeeze in a workout and who can’t wait to forget about their boss or their husband or kids for awhile and just sweat.
    I’m so anti-phone at the gym (unless you’re a doctor on call or an attorney waiting for the jury to come back in the trial-of-the-century) that I dare you to go cell free the next time you work out. I guarantee you’ll be able to focus more on what you’re doing, which means you’ll get a better workout and stop wasting time. If that feels good, consider going cell-free in other places too. Can you make it through a meal at a restaurant without having your phone on the table? (Your date will no doubt appreciate it.) Can you work for an hour or two without texting your friends? Your boss will definitely appreciate that! Try weaning yourself away from your phone for more and more time and remember what it feels like to truly focus on something (whether it’s a strength circuit, a filet mignon, or a book).



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