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Post-Workout Pick-Me-Up


I’m a big fan of active vacations: When I’m in a new spot, I want to get out there and see it! So when my boyfriend suggested a ski trip to Park City, UT, I started packing my bags. We spent three days on the slopes, working our cores and legs—and burning 484 calories an hour—as we made our way down the mountain. By the end of the long weekend, I was super sore, and even a soak in the hot tub didn’t help.

So we headed over to the spa at the Montage Deer Valley for some R&R. I chose the Lithely Limbs treatment ($185 for 60 minutes), a rubdown that promises to decrease lactic acid buildup, increase circulation in your lower limbs, and relieve stress in tight muscles. It started with alternating cold and hot foot baths (a few minutes in hot, several seconds in cold). Not relaxing, but I could immediately feel the benefits all the way up to my thighs! Then I moved to the massage table where the therapist buffed my body with an exfoliating brush to get my blood flowing and give my skin a healthy glow. Finally, she spent a half hour massaging my legs and feet, and I felt the tension melting away.

As we headed to the airport later that day, I noticed that the muscles that had gotten such a great workout over the weekend felt strong, but they were no longer in pain. It was the perfect way to wrap up an action-packed getaway.


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