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A Power Lunch

I was on my high-school gymnastics, track, and cheerleading teams, but I never felt more athletic as a teen than when I was working out in my parents’ living room. Sometimes I woke up early to catch exercise shows on TV, but often I did my Kathy Smith step workout tape. To me Kathy was a perfect combo of encouraging “friend” and task master coach—and well, I just really, really wanted to look like her!

So I had a pinch-me moment last week when I met Kathy at her home here in LA.  She was hosting a press event to celebrate the launch of her new DVD, Total Body Lift.  Over lunch, she chatted about everything from her website ( to how she continues to stay at the top of the fitness game at the beautiful age of—wait for it—57.

It turns out Kathy’s workout philosophy is a lot like my own: everything in moderation. She still does high-intensity workouts like running, but she doesn’t do them every day. She stressed how a balanced fitness plan—one that includes cardio, strength, and flexibility—in your 20s and 30s will ensure you stay fit and injury free in your 40s, 50s, and beyond. (It’s something I wish my friends who are hooked on running marathons, and only running marathons, would take to heart.)
Thanks, Kathy, for a fun and inspiring afternoon!
Twenty years later, I still want to look like Kathy Smith!


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