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RealRyder: The Hot New Workout

I love group-cycling classes, but I have a few tiny complaints about them.

•No matter how many times the instructor reminds me to pull back my shoulders, I always end up hunched over the handlebars (and feeling stiff afterwards because of it.)

•That ubiquitous directive to “use your core!” means little. I try, but it seems like my legs and butt are the only parts of my body that end up sore.

•It’s too easy to cheat. There I said it. Sometimes I don’t “turn the dial a full turn” like I’m told. (Come on, you’ve cheated, too…)

If you’ve got the same beefs, you’ve got to take a ride on a RealRyder. These bikes are designed to mimic road-racing cycles, so they lean from side to side as you do (forcing your core to work hard to keep you steady). And the motion allows you to do things like use your back and arms to “steer” to the left or right. All the extra work made my half-hour in the saddle at Equillibrium Pilates Studio here in LA more challenging than the standard 45-minute class at my gym. If you live in the LA area, check out EQ Fitness or go to to find a Real Ryder class near you.



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