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Thanks to Christy—who left a comment on last week’s blog—I tried The Biggest Loser Bootcamp DVD yesterday. The program has three cardio-strength routines and you can mix and match from the main menu to create your own plan. I chose the 5-minute warm-up, 20-minute level one workout, and 5-minute cooldown. Unfortunately my dumbbells were M.I.A., but I improvised and used a resistance band instead. The “level one” routine was surprisingly challenging. In between strength exercises like rows and lunges, you do high-intensity bursts of cardio. The jumping jacks I could live with, but the squat jumps and football shuffles had my legs shaking. Whenever I felt like stopping, though, I watched four of the contestants from the show, who do the workout in the background as trainer Bob Harper leads. They motivated me to keep going.

In just 30 minutes, this routine got my heart rate up big time and worked all my major muscle groups. (Although my legs are feeling the burn most this morning, courtesy of those squats and lunges.) Thanks, Christy, for the fabulous recommendation!


**This workout is definitely apartment-friendly. If you're short on space (like me), just do the traveling exercises in place.**


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