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Say 'ohm' instead of cheers

When I can carve out an hour for a workout, I hit the weights for a
20-minute strength session and then blast calories on a cardio machine
(side shuffles on the treadmill are my new obsession—turn sideways,
hold the rail with one hand, and stay low as you shuffle). I'm
a gym of those odd people who actually enjoys ending a
workout with a sweaty red face and shaky legs. That being said, I
rarely do yoga. But Pure Yoga,a beautiful new studio,
recently opened on East 89th Street in New York City. With topiary on
the building, fountains at the check-in desk, and a huge comfy lounge,
this place feels more like a fancy spa than a studio. So tonight I
convinced my friend Carol to meet me there after work. (Remember, I'm
taking my own advice—meeting friends for a workout instead of dinner is
part of it!) We had our pick from six classes, and opted for vinyasa.
An hour later, I felt rejuvenated and bendy—and I remembered that a
workout doesn't have to include hefting weights and heart-pounding

If you live in New York, check out Pure Yoga (
Or, pop in a yoga DVD like Desiree Bartlett's Yoga for Beginners (she's
got a easy-going vibe that I love). P.S. I have to confess: Carol and I
did hit our favorite French restaurant for dinner after our
yoga class. But we skipped our usual cheese plate and only had one
glass of wine each. We're only human!


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