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Seeing is believing


Progress motivates you to keep exercising. I always vaguely knew this, but I never realized how powerful achievements can be until today. I have adhesive capsulitis, a thickening of the capsule that surrounds the shoulder joint and causes pain and immobility. Twice a week, my physical therapist puts me through a half-hour of stretches and exercises and then measures how high I can raise my arm. Two weeks ago, I was at 100 degrees forward (a little higher than my shoulder) and 70 degrees out to the side (just below my shoulder). Today I reached 110 and 80 degrees respectively. Woo-hoo! I was so excited I almost hugged my therapist (I went in for an awkward high-five instead). It may only be 10 degrees, but it’s progress—and proof that my physical therapy and daily exercises are paying off.

What have you achieved in your workouts lately? I'm not talking about the big stuff (like finishing a 10K)—think small: Maybe you shaved 10 seconds off your mile, started doing curls with 10-pounders, or powered through a hill during group-cycling class (without touching that dial!) Whatever your mini-milestone, acknowledge it and celebrate it... you're one step closer to your fitness goal. 



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