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So this is what it's like to be an athlete

Today I got to see a place few people (other than Olympians) get to see: the Oakley athlete safehouse. It's a cool space where athletes can go to relax, check their email, have a snack, and watch TV. The folks at Oakley keep media and friends out (I was only allowed to visit for an hour) so the athletes can relax without distractions.

One of the coolest parts of this place is the Oakley custom eyewear bar where athletes come to design their own sunglasses or goggles based on their sport and the conditions—and in their country's colors. I designed a pair of glasses that will be perfect for hiking (check 'em out, left). They have nifty lenses that change color based on the light. In honor of Canada playing Germany in hockey tonight, I made them black and red.

I also got to see the swag bag that every Oakley athlete (and me!) gets when they arrive at the Olympics. The duffel includes a zip-up jacket, cashmere beanie, scarf, stainless steel water bottle, and Zippo hand warmers.

I have more to tell you about today—I went to an awesome hockey game—but I'm catching the 6 a.m. train to Whistler tomorrow! 


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