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Stay Fit EVEN on Vacation


If you’re like us you want to maintain your fitness routine when you travel, but it doesn’t always work out. And we’re not talking about training for a triathlon here, just some light weights, 30 minutes of cardio, or a few morning yoga poses, it’s still vacation (or a super-packed business trip)! 

Luckily, staying on track just became a little easier. IHG, the company behind the Holiday Inn, is launching a new line of mid-priced hotels focused on wellness and fitness. According to IHG, one in four travelers feels that hotel stays don’t allow them to maintain their healthy lifestyle. That’s why the new hotel chain, named EVEN, meant to evoke a feeling of balance, was created allowing guests to maintain their healthy habits while away from home.
So how is EVEN keeping guests on track? Upgraded fitness centers will be visible from the lobby and guest rooms will be equipped with yoga mats, an exercise ball, jump rope, and pull-up bar. EVEN hotels will not have junk-filled vending machines but will have healthier food offerings. Complimentary coffee, flavored filtered water, and mini-smoothies will be available as well. We love these healthy changes but we’d watch the smoothies. Considering we’re not talking hardcore health fanatics they may be calorie, and sugar-laden. We’ll just have to wait and see and report back once the first location, which is slated for this spring, opens.


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