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Step-by-Step Breakdown: Funky Forearm Stand


It's not a headstand, it's not a forearm stand, so what the heck is it? Here at Shape, we are going with "funky forearm stand."

This pose was introduced to me as the "tripsochore arm balance" by my then-teacher David Regelin way before this move became popular. (Tripsichore is a performance troupe formed in 1979 that gives visually stunning performances.)

I like it because it is easier to learn how to lean in, rather than do any jumping, to get upside down. I'll show you in this video: One arm is set up like a tripod headstand, one like a forearm stand, and your head is off the ground, keeping your neck safe. Try it one step at a time, take deep breaths, and remember: It's the journey, not the destination!

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